The ATK PLN team created this entire CG sequence, with original music by BREED. This piece premiered at the AICP Show in Dallas. The inspiration for the piece came from a quote by philosopher and Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius that also opens the sequence, stating, “Look beneath the surface; let not the several quality of a thing nor its worth escape thee.” The statues in the sequence were modeled and rendered entirely in CG, and were inspired by neoclassical sculptures from the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna, including those depicting the labors of Hercules.
Produced at ATK PLN
Creative Director - Barrett Lewis
CG Supervisor - Patton Tunstall
FX Artist and Layout - Chad Moseley
Lighting and Compositing - Lyn Caudle, Shannon Thomas​​​​​​​
Editors - Steven Happel, Chris Collins
Producers: Justin Skerpan, Kacie Bangle
Music - BREED
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