I had the opportunity to help with a series of spots for AT&T that involved a bunch of layers in a tight timeline. This project was a test of our ability to adapt as a project changed. From producing particle variations for over the top effects to helping work out the data stream, I needed to be willing and open to help wherever the project called for help.
I created numerous versions of the reveal transitions, ground particles, holo shells, animations, and logo reveals. Since we had very tight timeline constraints, these needed to be exported and sent to another team for them to finish. I did have a chance to integrate more of my style when the last spot needed to be completed as I was tasked with doing more comp work and rendering the fx instead of sending it to another team.
All in all it was a fun project to be apart of and I look forward to the next!
Produced at ReelFX
Silver – Elements of Advertising – CGI
Silver – Cross Platform – Integrated Advertising
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