I was fortunate enough to work on two court projections and the look development and animation for the Finals Hype Video for the Cleveland Cavaliers post season 2018. I had 1-2 weeks to concept and complete each of these so I had to work incredibly fast and in some instances did not even have time to preview renders until output. Another twist was one court projection had to be built in Arnold Render and the other in Octane due to not having any rendering support while other projects were going on. This being my first time ever attempting court projections I had a bunch to learn quickly. Definitely looking forward to the next one!
Court Projection #1
This animation was fast and furious. I had 1 week to concept and complete this animation so I was not able to use dynamics or anything that would cause random issues or needed caching during the process as I did not have time to bake in the animation. I pulled assets from the main video and quickly blocked in everything to get the timing set. Once that was done I rendered a frame of each scene to make sure the scenes were close and then exported. Once this was all done I had the last day to add whatever I could before final delivery. Whew, we got it done!
Court Projection #2
This court projection had 2 weeks to complete and I was asked if we could do a "push pin effect". Knowing that these renders take a ton of time and we had no gpu support for this video I also needed to switch the render engine to arnold. This effect took a ton of cpu power with it being a 4k render and cinema 4d did not like the density of the pins or the amount of basketballs I was generating so I had to hack my way around to get the animation done. I generated a very low res animation of the pins and I used xparticles for the basketballs. I then used simple generic colliders to dynamically push the basketballs. This animation then needed to be sped up to fit inside of the small window for the court projection by almost 2x. This was a challenge to get completed but, was a ton of fun!
Finals Style Frames
After being introduced to a new agency for the finals video I was tasked with creating several frames to show what their vision would look like on the player studio shots we had of the Cavaliers players and of the cg trophy. I completed these in a little over a day. I also needed to keep in mind if they gave us the ok we had to immediately get the process going because we had 2 weeks total to finish from scratch.
With the incredibly short timeline of 2 weeks to complete 8 shots I needed to work as fast as possible to figure out how I was going to do splashes and fills for the players. I spent about 1 day doing tests and renders to send for approval so I could get into production. The hardest part was figuring out the balance between popping and mesh resolution. If the mesh resolution was to high I could not get the renders finished in time. We also needed to update xparticles so I could try to use the new OpenVDB mesher in hopes it would help speed up the meshing process. I learned a ton during this process and look forward to the next time I get to work in xparticles!
Luckily I was able to get all of these shots done in the first week and out to the client which then gave them time to give feedback. We went through tons of rounds of revisions up until the day of delivery and though I would love to cleanup some of the aspects of these renders and animations, the client was extremely happy!
I definitely love working on these videos for the Cleveland Cavaliers every year with the team at ATKPLN and can not wait until we get to start on the next round for 2019!
I also had the chance to do a little bit of style dev on the first video and wanted to show that frame as well. Using the phrase "beast mode" as the catalyst I created this frame. Maybe it could turn into something for next years videos!
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